We all want high quality healthcare—and the good news is, paying more doesn’t mean better quality. In fact, you’ll pay less when you choose providers with proven quality of care in the Cigna Care Network (CCN).

When you need healthcare, choosing a provider is an important decision that can affect your health and your wallet. AXA XL’s medical plan options provide you with resources and support to make the right decisions for your healthcare needs. Cigna’s Care Network (CCN), Cigna Care Designation (CCD), and Center of Excellence (COE) programs can help you save money and get the best care – a win-win!

What is the Cigna Care Network (CCN)?

The Cigna Care Network (CCN) provides convenient access to quality healthcare. Before joining the Cigna network, healthcare professionals must meet Cigna standards through credentialing. Cigna regularly reviews credentials to identify high-performing providers to support you in making smart decisions about your healthcare.

Whether you’re managing a chronic condition, seeking specialist care, or trying to find the best hospital for a surgical procedure, you have access to a network of top-rated providers through the Cigna Care Network.

Cigna Care Designation (Tier 1) providers

All three of AXA XL’s medical plan options have a tiered structure. Every year Cigna evaluates provider performance in primary care and certain medical specialties. Providers with top results receive the Cigna Care Designation (CCD) and become Tier 1 providers.

In addition to top-quality care, benefits are highest when you use CCD providers. In the OAP plan, lower copays apply to CCD (Tier 1) providers. And, in the OAP HSA plans, lower coinsurance applies.

The following chart summarizes the financial impact of your provider choice, depending on where you go for care:

CCD (Tier 1) In-network Out-of-network
Your copay or coinsurance* $ $$ $$$
* Copays apply to CCD and in-network providers in the OAP Plan. For all other providers and for the OAP HSA plans, coinsurance applies.

More about Cigna Care Designation (CCD)

Cigna Care Designation (CCD) is a tool that can help you choose a primary doctor or specialist by providing information concerning the experience, quality, cost and location for the providers you’re considering. Cigna reviews primary care providers, as well as providers in 21 common specialties including:

  • Allergy and immunology
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Ear, nose, and throat (ENT)
  • Family practice, and more!

To find a doctor with Cigna Care Designation, go to myCigna.com and select “Find a Doctor or Service.” Once you’re on the online directory, look for the Cigna Care Designation symbol.

Centers of Excellence (COEs)

Looking to get the best care at the best value? Centers of Excellence (COEs) are top-rated facilities for bariatric, cardiac, musculoskeletal, or transplant services. Treatment from a COE typically leads to faster recovery times and better outcomes at a lower cost.

Cigna-participating hospitals receive a score of one, two, or three stars for both patient outcomes and cost efficiency. Cigna identifies hospitals as COEs when they achieve the highest (three star) scores for both patient outcomes and cost efficiency. You can check a hospital’s score for specific procedures or conditions through the online provider directory on myCigna.com. Scores are indicated by blue stars.

How are providers evaluated?

Cigna’s provider recommendations are determined after extensive review against industry standards and third-party data. Cigna compares providers’ costs and health outcomes for some of the most common procedures or conditions and examines actual patient outcomes and average costs in their evaluation. When reviewing hospitals for COE ratings, Cigna considers additional quality-based data, such as average lengths of stay and how often patients are readmitted.

Find a provider

It’s easy to find a top-rated provider! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to myCigna.com or use the myCigna® App
  2. Search the provider directory
  3. Look for the CCD and COE symbols or the checkmark that says “Tier 1 Provider”

Note that not all Tier 1 providers have the Cigna Care Designation.

Get the support you need today

Access the Cigna One Guide

You have access to Cigna One Guide if you are enrolled in an AXA XL medical plan. Cigna One Guide offers top customer support for your medical plan needs. You can learn how your coverage works, find a Cigna Care Network Provider, or identify cost savings opportunities for care.

Contact a Cigna One Guide team member through myCigna.com, through the mobile app, or by calling 800-CIGNA-24.

Use a Cigna COE – and get rewarded!

If you have your surgery at a Cigna COE, not only are you saving money on higher-quality care, but you can earn up to $200 through MotivateMe! Learn more on the Staying Well page.