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Last updated date: 6/26/2024


As part of our investment in our colleagues, we strive to offer opportunities for continuous learning, personal growth, and skill-building. We provide a variety of programs intended to help you and your family achieve education and development goals.

Support for your growth

We heard employee feedback that additional professional development opportunities were important to you, but it was difficult to understand what AXA XL offered. We’ve created this page to help you understand what career and learning opportunities are available for both you and your family.

Virtual college counselor

Preparing your children for college can be an intimidating task. It’s why AXA XL offers MyKlovr, a virtual college counseling platform, to support U.S.-based colleagues and their dependent children get started on their path to college and beyond.

The virtual college counselor helps each student navigate their own journey to success: learning about their strengths and preferences, offering timely reminders and suggestions, and tapping into a wealth of data and resources, including:

  • Education and career resources, such as tutoring, career assessment, essay writing assistance, resume building, athlete preparation and qualification, and much more.
  • Financial well-being resources, such as college planning, financial education, one-on-one student loan financing, retirement planning, and more.
  • Other resources to help connect students and families with employment opportunities across industries and professions.

MyKlovr supports learners of all ages and stages and is available 24/7 to assist users with sound college, career and financial advice. To get started, go to MyKlovr and take advantage of the employer discount available to you as an AXA XL colleague.

Scholarship program

Each year, the XL America Scholarship Foundation awards one-year educational scholarships to children of U.S. AXA XL colleagues who have achieved academic excellence and are in pursuit of higher education. If you have a son or daughter who has graduated from high school, or is graduating this year, and will be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate institution in the fall, they are eligible to submit applications.

Eligibility requirements

Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements set out when the program is launched in the Spring. Please note that dependents of XL America Scholarship Foundation board members or donors are not eligible. In addition, children of colleagues who earn an annualized base salary of $285,000 or more (please note that this dollar figure may change annually) are also not eligible. Applicants, including prior scholarship recipients, may apply for the scholarships annually as long as they remain eligible.

For further information, please contact CSR@axaxl.com.

Professional development and educational assistance

As an AXA XL colleague, you are immediately eligible to participate in the professional development and educational assistance program. This program helps you with:

  • Long term Degree
  • Self Study Certificate
  • Professional Designation Programs
  • Skill Development Courses
  • Continuing Education

For more information, please refer to the Employee Handbook and contact RMBenefitsAdministration@axaxl.com.