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Last updated date: 6/26/2024


At AXA XL, we are dedicated to providing top-quality, fair and consistent benefits to all our colleagues. As part of this commitment, AXA Group has launched the Healthy You Program, which promotes prevention, access to care, and support for all of our colleagues across the globe.

Our mission

Our mission is to support our colleagues in putting their well-being first. As a responsible and caring employer that positions itself as an international leader in health, we must:

  • Put our colleagues health and well-being at the forefront of our people strategy
  • Provide fair and consistent treatment to all our colleagues across the globe
  • Support our colleagues in protecting what matters
  • Reassure our colleagues that their physical and mental health is a priority, especially as the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic

Focus on your well-being

Your emotional health can be affected by a variety of things, such as balancing work and home life, experiencing financial difficulties, or managing your and your family’s health. It's okay to not be okay. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here to provide you with five free confidential face-to-face counseling sessions per eligible person, per issue, per year. EAP specialists will help you resolve issues you may be facing, connect you with the right mental health professionals, direct you to a variety of helpful resources in your community, and more. Contact the EAP at 877-622-4327.

Global standards of care

AXA XL is committed to providing all colleagues with comprehensive support for their health needs. That’s why we’ve established global standards of care through the Healthy You Program. While the US programs currently meet or exceed the global standards of care, AXA’s commitment to health extends to all our colleagues across the globe.

Preventive care

Regular preventive care is a key part in assessing health, identifying risk factors, and preventing disease. Under the Healthy You Program, all AXA colleagues are provided access to a digital medical check-up once every two years. In addition, those age 40 or older are also eligible for a physical check-up once every four years.

Physical check-ups include a general medical assessment, complete blood test and urinalysis, electrocardiogram, and cardiovascular assessment, as well as mammogram for women and prostate examination for men. Note: Eligibility for a mammogram or prostate exam is based on preventive care guidelines.

Health days

Health days are on-site events designed to provide access to information and resources on physical and mental health. A health day provides colleagues with the option to receive a screening by a medical professional, making it easy to understand and take action on different health topics.

Flu vaccination

AXA XL will continue to offer on-site opportunities, when possible, for colleagues to receive annual flu vaccinations at no cost, making flu prevention easy and convenient!

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An EAP provides colleagues and their family members assistance with stress-related concerns, emotional and mental health conditions, legal and financial issues and more!


Telehealth services provide colleagues access to virtual physical and mental health support 24/7.

Digital services

Through digital services and e-learning opportunities, AXA XL supports colleagues with comprehensive medical, prevention, and well-being resources. The goal of these offerings is to empower our colleagues to learn more about different health topics and improve accessibility to care.

Critical illness

Critical illness insurance helps relieve the financial burden that results from serious illness-related, including cancer-related, medical expenses. AXA XL offers access to a policy that provides a minimum coverage of 75% of medical expenses for cancer-related diseases, in accordance to local legislation, and can help our colleagues access the best treatment options.

Second medical opinion

AXA XL ensures our colleagues and their family members have the option to get a second medical opinion on a diagnosis and treatment recommendation from best-in-class medical experts.

US programs and initiatives

The Healthy You Program has three strategic pillars that address different aspects of your health and well-being needs: prevention, access to care, and support. Our US programs and benefits are aligned to these focus areas and can help you receive comprehensive care so you can prioritize your health.

AXA XL already provides comprehensive benefit offerings that support each pillar of the Healthy You Program. In addition to our robust US health and welfare benefits program, we offer the Staying Well Program, which allows you to complete healthy activities aligned to your personal well-being goals and earn up to $450 in awards each year.


Prevention can help you understand your current health status and encourage you to be proactive in avoiding future health issues.

AXA XL provides colleagues with access to no-cost, in-network preventive care through the AXA XL medical plan and the Health Assessment through axaxl-quantum.com.

Preventive care

Each fall, AXA XL holds the Well-being eXpos, which are considered our “health days.” Additional health days, webinars, and various well-being events may be offered to colleagues throughout the year.

Health days

AXA XL organizes on-site vaccination events and offers no-cost flu vaccinations. In the event on-site clinics are not possible, you are able to get a flu vaccination at no cost to you by receiving the vaccination at your in-network primary care provider’s office or by using a flu voucher.

Flu vaccination

Access to care

Access to comprehensive, quality healthcare services is important to help you maintain good health, manage chronic conditions, and prevent illness or disease.

The EAP provides you and your family members with up to five free counseling sessions with a specialist per issue, per calendar year.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

AXA XL’s telehealth service provides you with around-the-clock virtual access to physical and mental health providers.


You have access to e-learning and other online platforms to learn more about various health topics.

  • Physical, emotional, and social well-being resources can be found on axaxl-quantum.com.
  • Financial wellness modules are available on www.benefits.ml.com.
  • US benefits information can be found on this website.

Digital services


AXA XL is committed to providing you with resources so you can make your health a top priority.

AXA XL provides access to critical illness coverage to all colleagues for serious illnesses, including cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

Critical illness insurance

If you or your family members are diagnosed with a condition, AXA XL ensures you have the option to get a second medical opinion from a top healthcare provider.

Second medical opinion