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Last updated date: 6/26/2024


At AXA XL, we believe in empowering our employees to thrive in all aspects of their lives, both professionally and personally. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to you and your family during life's significant milestones and challenges, and we recognize that time away from work is often necessary when going through life. Whether it's the joyous arrival of a new grandchild, the responsibility of caring for a sick partner, or you recently lost a loved one, we are here to support you.

Beyond your vacation, holiday, and personal day time, learn about the variety of both paid and unpaid leave options on this page.

Leave eligibility

AXA XL colleagues are immediately eligible for all company provided paid leaves. To plan for time off, we ask that you:

  • Schedule your time away from work in far advance as possible
  • Discuss your time off plans with your manager
  • Enter your plans into the time and absences portal on myHR.

For leaves of absence, colleagues should also connect with their HR Business Partner (HRBP).

Please note that per federal regulations, colleagues become eligible for unpaid Family and Medical Leave Act leave after completing 12 months of service if they have worked at least 1,250 hours in the 12 months prior to the date that leave will begin.

Short-term and long-term disability

Colleagues receive company-paid short-term and long-term disability coverage. For more details about how these policies work, visit the Disability page.

Unpaid leaves

Family and Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) policy

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that ensures eligible colleagues are able to take a job-protected, unpaid leave of up to 12 weeks in any 12-month period for specified family and medical reasons.

In addition to offering job-protected leave in accordance with the FMLA, AXA XL also provides paid leave options. These leave programs typically run concurrently with and are counted toward all other leave entitlements, such as FMLA and applicable state law. For more details about eligible uses of FMLA, visit the Time off and leaves handbook

Personal leave of absence

Personal leaves are unpaid, not covered under the Family and Medical Leave of Absence policy, and are only granted to full-time colleagues experiencing an extreme personal circumstance that makes working for a period of time less than six months impossible. All accrued vacation time must be used at the beginning of any personal leave.

Personal leaves are granted at the leader’s discretion in conjunction with Human Resources on business needs and must be requested in writing. We will guarantee your job for up to 30 days. Thereafter you may look throughout the company for available positions for which you are otherwise qualified, but AXA XL does not guarantee to reemploy you.

For leaves 30 days or less, the employee is required to pay the employee portion of the premium for their benefits. For leaves 30 days or more, the employee is required to pay the employee portion of the premium for the first 30 days and then the employee may elect to continue benefits coverage under COBRA.

Paid leaves

Primary caregiver, adoption and surrogacy leave

Planning to welcome a child into your world is an exciting opportunity, and we want to support you as you embark upon your parenthood journey. That’s why we offer primary caregivers (the parent who will assume the primary responsibility for the child’s care, as defined by the parent) extensive time off options when welcoming a child.

Primary caregivers are eligible for eight weeks of 100% paid leave from the date of birth or legal placement of the child. These weeks must be used consecutively.

Where applicable, this time may be offset by short-term disability. This policy runs concurrently with qualified FMLA and any applicable state leaves.

Parental leave

All new parents, regardless of caregiving responsibilities, also are eligible for eight weeks of 100% paid parental leave following the birth or legal placement of a child. This is in addition to any leave taken under the primary caregiver, adoption, and surrogacy leave.

This leave must be taken within 12 months of the child’s arrival, but the time does not need to be used consecutively.

Still birth leave

Colleagues who experience a still birth are eligible for the full sixteen weeks of paid leave (Primary caregiver, adoption and surrogacy leave and Parental leave policies).

Grandparent leave

We know that welcoming a little one into the world can be just as exciting for grandparents as it is for parents. Under grandparent leave, grandparents are eligible for one week of 100% paid leave following the birth or placement of a new grandchild.

Family care leave

All AXA XL colleagues can take ten days of paid Family care leave each calendar year to support their dependent child(ren), spouse or domestic partner, parents, and siblings when they are unable to care for themselves.

Partner leave

Colleagues may take up to five days to support a partner undergoing fertility treatment or pregnancy.

Domestic/Intra-familial and sexual violence

Colleagues experiencing situations of domestic violence may take up to five days paid leave under the Family care leave policy. Documentation/evidence is not required to make use of this leave.

Bereavement leave

We understand that the loss of a loved one is a deeply personal and challenging experience. To support our colleagues during these difficult times, we provide up to ten days of paid leave to colleagues navigating the death of their parents, spouse/domestic partner, child(ren), or pregnancy loss. Colleagues experiencing the loss of other immediate family members (such as a sibling, grandparent, or daughter-in-law), can take up to five days of paid leave. Depending on the circumstances, AXA XL will use discretion to grant additional time off.

Volunteering leave

AXA XL's Volunteering Leave Policy enables colleagues to take a minimum of one day’s paid leave per annual year to volunteer with a 501 (c)(3) charity. This entitlement is in addition to participation in the company’s Global Day of Giving. Colleagues can take this as one full day, two half days, or by the hour over the course of the year. All volunteering commitments within the working day must have prior approval from the relevant line manager.

For more information, please see the Volunteering Leave Policy available on the Sustainability page which can be found under About Us on ONE.

State leaves

Depending on your location, you may be eligible for additional time away from work. If state law provides for job protected family or medical leave, the state leave and the FMLA policy will run concurrently, if permitted by law.