Eligibility and enrollment

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How to enroll

If you are a new hire, you must enroll within 30 days of hire.

When you enroll in health and welfare benefits, you have the opportunity to:

  • Enroll in or waive your medical, dental, and vision plan benefits
  • Enroll in a Health Care FSA, Limited Purpose FSA or Dependent Day Care FSA, and an HSA, if applicable
  • Elect Group Variable Universal Life (GVUL) insurance coverage, including Supplemental Employee Life, Supplemental AD&D, and Dependent Life Insurance
  • Elect Tax-Choice or Basic Long-term Disability coverage
  • Enroll in supplemental health benefits including critical illness, accidental injury insurance, and hospital care insurance

You’ll select your benefits through myHR via Essential Links on ONE, the company’s intranet. See the “Benefits Enrollment for Colleagues” reference guide to assist you in navigating the enrollment system. Note: Employee and/or Dependent Group Variable Universal Life (GVUL) elections will be made directly on the MetLife platform.

New to our AXA XL team?

Being new to an organization can be overwhelming, but we’re here to make your life easier. To help you get up to speed on all of the benefits that AXA XL has to offer you, review the new colleague orientation. Your benefits are an important part of your AXA XL colleague experience, so be sure to review your options and enroll within 30 days of your hire date.


If you are a full-time employee or a part-time employee working at least 20 hours per week, you can enroll you and your eligible dependents in AXA XL medical, dental and vision benefits. Your eligible dependents include:

  • Legal spouse
  • Dependent children up to the end of the calendar year in which they turn age 26, regardless of students status, marital status, residence, or access to other employer coverage
  • Dependent children 26 and older if mentally and/or physically handicapped and dependent on you for support
  • Domestic partner
  • Domestic partners child(ren) dependent upon you for support who qualify as dependents under the plan

Note: Dependent children are eligible for health coverage with AXA XL through the end of the calendar year in which the dependent child turns age 26, regardless of marital status, student status, residence or access to other employer health coverage.

Working spouse/domestic partner premium

If your working spouse/domestic partner is eligible to enroll for medical coverage under his or her employer-sponsored medical plan in 2024, you will pay a $100 per month premium for electing to enroll him or her for medical coverage. This premium is in addition to your regular monthly cost for coverage under the AXA XL medical plan.

The Working Spouse/Domestic Partner Premium does not apply if:

  • Your spouse/domestic partner does not work.
  • Your spouse/domestic partner is not eligible to elect medical coverage under his or her employer-sponsored plan during this enrollment period.
  • Both you and your working spouse/domestic partner work at AXA XL and one of you elects to cover the other under the AXA XL medical plan.
  • You elect dental and/or vision coverage for your working spouse/domestic partner, but you don’t elect medical coverage for him or her.
  • Your spouse/domestic partner is only eligible for another employer’s medical coverage as a retiree.
  • Your spouse/domestic partner is covered by Medicare or through an individual mandate insurance policy.
  • Your spouse/domestic partner is self-employed and does not have access to other employer medical coverage.
  • Your spouse/domestic partner is currently eligible for COBRA from another employer.

If you elect to enroll your spouse/domestic partner for an AXA XL medical option during 2024, you are required to notify the AXA XL Benefits Department, within 30 days of when he or she becomes eligible for employer-sponsored medical coverage. Based on this status change, you will be permitted to change your AXA XL medical election to drop your spouse/ domestic partner from medical coverage under the AXA XL Medical plan at that time.

If you do not elect to drop your spouse/ domestic partner from AXA XL medical coverage within the 30-day period described above, the $100 per month Working Spouse/Domestic Partner Premium will be added to your regular monthly contributions at that time.

Tobacco user surcharge

The Tobacco User Surcharge applies to a colleague or his or her spouse/domestic partner who uses tobacco and e-cigarette products, and enrolls in 2024 AXA XL medical coverage. The $75 monthly surcharge applies if you currently use tobacco and e-cigarette products and an additional $75 per month applies if your enrolled spouse/domestic partner currently uses tobacco or e-cigarette products, for a total possible surcharge of $150 per month if you both use tobacco or e-cigarette products. This is in addition to your regular monthly premium contributions for coverage under the AXA XL Medical Plan.

To avoid the Tobacco User Surcharge and to assist you in quitting tobacco, you and/or your enrolled spouse/domestic partner may enroll in a tobacco cessation program. If you successfully complete it during 2024, you will receive a retroactive reimbursement of the surcharge you paid for 2024, back to January 1, 2024, if applicable.

Life status change

A Life Status Change can happen if you experience a Qualified Life Event, which is an event that impacts your benefits. Some common experiences are:

  • Marriage, divorce, or legal separation
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Death of a spouse or child
  • Your spouse’s loss or gain of employment
  • Change in eligibility
  • Your spouse’s employer’s enrollment period

If you experience a Qualified Life Event, you must report the change to the Benefits Department within 30 days of the Qualified Life Event date to make a change to your benefits. If you have a qualifying life event, see what actions you need to take on the Life Changes page.

Changing who you cover

When you’re enrolling in your benefits, you can elect to enroll your dependents for coverage or you can remove dependents from your coverage. If you plan to enroll dependents, you’ll need to first add them as a “contact” in the enrollment system using your hire date as the relationship effective date to ensure you are able to enroll them.

How to add/remove a domestic partner

If you plan to cover a domestic partner, it is important to note that you must submit a domestic partner affidavit and domestic partner tax status form to the Benefits Department. To remove coverage, complete the Statement of Termination of Domestic Partnership form and send it to the address noted above. Once received, you will be able to go into the enrollment system and make your changes.

To remove a domestic partner from your coverage, complete the Statement of Termination of Domestic Partnership form, accessible via the left navigation. Once received, you will be able to go into the enrollment system and make your changes.

Your benefits regardless of enrollment

Even if you choose to not enroll in any AXA XL plans, you still have access to a large variety of AXA XL benefits designed to support you and your total wellbeing. Take a look at the additional benefits that can support your needs, regardless of your enrollment:

Not sure what you need?

When you need help for a benefits-related issue, Quantum Health is there for you—even if you’re not enrolled in any AXA XL plans. Quantum Health can help you identify the relevant AXA XL resources for your need and assist you with getting started with our various programs and offerings.