Take some time today to check in with yourself and how you’re feeling. Whatever your emotional well-being needs may be, AXA XL is here to support you now and throughout the year.

Read on to learn about how AXA XL supports you.

Mental health during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on our lives. Many of us are facing challenges that can be stressful, overwhelming, and may make us feel isolated.

You are not alone. During COVID-19, eight in ten adults (78%) say the pandemic is a significant source of stress in their life. Two in three adults (67%) say they have experienced increased stress over the course of the pandemic, according to the American Psychological Association.

It’s not unusual to experience feelings of stress, anxiety, or sadness, but sometimes feeling emotionally disrupted is about more than stress. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, 26% of Americans ages 18 and older (one in four adults) suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder each year. Find more information about mental health conditions, including symptoms and treatment, on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

If you need support prioritizing your mental health, read on to see how AXA XL’s resources can help you.

Make your mental health a priority

Whether your goal is to manage your emotions better, cope with a specific mental health condition, or simply feel more positive in your day-to-day life, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your emotional well-being. According to the CDC, there are many healthy ways to cope with stress:

  • Connect with others. Sharing how we’re feeling can help us build more meaningful relationships and reduce stress. Sometimes, connecting with others can provide new perspectives or reveal shared experiences. Start a conversation with a family member or friend today. Even if you can’t see someone in person, you can always send a text or email, or set up time to chat over video call!
  • Take a break. Creating work-life balance is a challenge for many people – why not set aside some time for yourself today? Whether it’s a few minutes or over the weekend, taking time for yourself is a key way to reduce stress and relax your mind.
  • Focus on your physical health, too. How you’re feeling physically has an impact on your emotional well-being. Keep active by adding some physical activity to your day, and do your best to maintain a healthy and nutritious lifestyle to support your body. Don’t forget, you can complete healthy activities, like exercising or improving your nutrition, to earn up to $450 in wellness incentives through the Staying Well Program on Cigna’s MotivateMe platform.

See how AXA XL supports you

Develop strategies for building resilience at home

On May 19 at 2 pm ET, the Exton Diversity and Inclusion Committee will sponsor the AXA XL exclusive webcast: Life @ Home: Managing the Stressors. The live event will focus on the unique stressors and feelings that are triggered as we navigate pandemic norms while working from home. Be on the lookout for a calendar invite sent directly from our colleagues at Exton D&I.

Talk it out with the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Whether you’re facing relationship issues or work-related stress, AXA XL’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a great starting place to find appropriate resources or to speak with a licensed counselor. You can speak with a specialist by calling Cigna at 877-622-4327 or by visiting myCigna.com. The EAP is available to all US benefits-eligible colleagues and dependents, regardless of whether you're enrolled in an AXA XL medical plan.

Access virtual care through MDLIVE

Did you know you can also use telehealth for access to confidential behavioral health visits? MDLIVE gives you access to convenient, affordable licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, counselors, and therapists who can help you navigate a wide range of personal issues including anxiety, addiction, depression, family difficulties, and more. Learn how to get started today.

Cigna’s Virtual Provider Network is Expanding

Through Cigna, you now have access to Ginger so you can get the behavioral health support you need. With Ginger, you can text with a trained behavioral health coach within seconds. Coaches are available on-demand, 24/7, and will help create a program tailored to your needs – all from the privacy of your smartphone.

You can also access to Ginger’s interactive, self-care content library that will help you build the valuable skills needed to manage stress, anxiety and other day-to-day challenges.

These services are available to you through your behavioral health benefits covered under an AXA XL medical plan. To learn more about Ginger, visit myCigna.com.

Attend a free mental health webcast through Cigna

The EAP offers monthly webcasts on a variety of health and well-being topics.

  • On May 5 at 2 pm ET, don’t miss the live webcast, Let’s Talk Mental Health. The webcast will focus on destigmatizing mental health and how the EAP can offer support. Register for the event here.

See a selection of on-demand webcast topics below and check out the full catalog on your schedule at Cigna.com/EAPWebcasts.