The pandemic has caused so many shifts in everyday life, ranging from the way we interact with strangers to how we work and live. As we move toward a new normal, take this opportunity to think about what financial security means to you and how you wish to spend and save your money. Thankfully, AXA XL can help you get to where you want to be.

Get the intel on financial fundamentals on April 28

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Hit reset on your financial health with AXA XL’s help

See yourself in the scenarios below to discover what resources and programs are available to you through AXA XL.

Earn awards on your path to financial fitness

With the Staying Well program, you can earn up to $450 in wellness incentives by completing healthy actions toward improving your physical, emotional, and financial health. Here are just a few examples:

  • Learn more about refinancing student loans through CommonBond
  • Complete Merrill’s free Financial Wellness Tracker
  • Increase your 401(k) contribution

To learn more, visit and go to “Wellness,” then “Wellness and Incentives.”

I’m early in my career

You have your whole future ahead of you. Take care of your financial health today so you can shape a better tomorrow, with AXA XL’s help.

Need or Aspiration AXA XL Benefit
I need help with student loan debt. Did you know that you have access to CommonBond, a student loan refinancing service, through AXA XL? Read more.
I am enrolled in an AXA XL medical plan but am pretty healthy. Be sure to get your preventive care! An annual physical exam or well-woman exam is covered under your AXA XL medical plan at no cost to you (meaning you pay $0!). Find an in-network provider at
I’d like to pay less for entertainment and other everyday needs. Check out our personal discounts programs through Plum Benefits and Perks at Work. Read more here.
I need help with budgeting or creating a rainy day fund. Merrill can help. Create an account at to see the resources available to you at no cost, including financial advice.
I want to start saving for my future. Be sure to contribute enough to get the full AXA XL matching contribution in the company’s 401(k) Savings Plan. Read more here.

I have a family and I’m mid-career

You may be juggling a lot. A busy career, a busy home life, and very little time to tend to your financial health in the midst of it all. See how AXA XL can help you secure your financial future.

Need or Aspiration AXA XL Benefit
I want to balance saving in the right places (e.g., rainy day fund, for college, for retirement). Merrill can help. Create an account at to see the resources available to you at no cost, including financial advice.
My family is fairly healthy, but occasionally we need specialist care. Use a high-quality, high-value provider for your needs. Read about the Cigna tiered network and why you should use a Tier 1 Cigna Care Network provider for your next specialist appointment.
My high school student is getting ready to apply to college. Get help from MyKlovr, a virtual college counseling service, at a discounted cost just for being an AXA XL colleague.
I think it’s time to be sure my family is as financially secure as possible. Consider enrolling in Group Variable Universal Life (GVUL) insurance during this fall’s Annual Benefits Enrollment. In addition to electing supplemental coverage for you and your dependents, you can also make additional investment contributions to the policy.

I’m thinking about my next chapter

A next chapter all to yourself is on the horizon. Let AXA XL’s benefits fortify your retirement-readiness.

Need or Aspiration AXA XL Benefit
I want to be sure I’m set up for success in retirement. Merrill can help. Create an account at to see the resources available to you at no cost, including financial advice.

Be sure to optimize the catch-up contribution: You can set aside an additional $6,500 above the IRS limit this year if you’re age 50 or older.
I’m looking for other ways to front-load my retirement savings. Enrolled in one of the OAP HSA plans? Look no further than your Health Savings Account (HSA). If you’re age 55 or older, you can contribute an additional $1,000 catch-up contribution above the IRS limit. Plus, you can invest your balance if it’s more than $1,000. Find out more here and read this article.
I may have more health care expenses in the next year. Consider enrolling in supplemental health benefits during this fall’s Annual Benefits Enrollment. They’re designed to provide additional financial security above your medical plan. Read more here.
I want to be sure my estate is in order. Take advantage of will prep services available through your AXA XL Basic Life insurance policy. Want something more? Enroll in MetLife Legal Plans during this fall’s 2023 Annual Benefits Enrollment.

Financial help is available no matter where you’re going

No matter what stage of life you’re in or where you want to go, AXA XL has your back.

Get started with focusing on your financial health by taking the Financial Wellness Tracker at for a personalized plan for your financial health.

Then, talk to a Merrill financial specialist about your circumstances and aspirations for an even more tailored view.

Call 877-654-2427 for more information.