At AXA XL, we want our colleagues to experience total well-being. That’s why we not only provide resources to improve your physical and emotional health, but also to help you enhance your financial health.

We know that financial goals can vary based on personal circumstances and stage of life, and we provide a variety of resources to help you on your personal financial journey, wherever that may look like for you.

Don’t know where to start?

Merrill is available to assist you every step of the way. You can work with a financial specialist who can address your financial questions and help you develop a personalized plan – at no cost to you.

For a virtual consultation, please call 877-654-2427. Specialists are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.


Meet Taylor

Looking back: quick recap

As you may recall, last year Taylor learned about the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at the Well-being eXpos, and decided to give them a call. Through the EAP, Taylor participated in five free counseling sessions, which helped ease anxiety.

Taylor also began incorporating more physical activity into everyday life and actively participates in the Staying Well Program and MotivateMe everywhere—and gets rewarded for doing so!

Looking ahead: focus on financial health

Taylor is feeling pretty good these days. Thanks to the behavioral health resources offered through AXA XL, Taylor’s anxiety is officially under control. Taylor wants to focus on another component of life that has the potential to cause anxiety: personal finances.

Working through Debt

The main driver of Taylor's financial woes is student loan payments. Like many Millennials, Taylor has four separate loans from undergraduate college tuition and making separate loan payments was causing stress.

Taylor had heard about the Merrill Financial Advising earlier this year and decided to set-up a session with an advisor.

After meeting and going over the details of the various loans, Taylor feels more confident in tackling her debt. Merrill helped Taylor come up with a personalized long-term plan and budget that takes Taylor's loans into account, and Taylor no longer feels so unsure of the financial future. Now Taylor is effectively keeping anxiety at bay—all because every facet of Taylor's well-being is cared for.


Meet Pat

Looking back: quick recap

As you may recall, last year Pat had a major bike accident and went to the ER for care, which resulted in Pat receiving a huge bill. After the ER incident, Pat went to a nearby urgent care center to get the stitches cleaned up, and signed up for telehealth for more care options and to save money on receiving care.

To help optimize savings after the accident, Pat has been contributing the maximum limit to the Health Savings Account (HSA) and investing the balance once it reaches $1,000.

Looking ahead: focus on financial health

Last year was great for Pat since he got engaged, but the future looks even brighter. Pat tied the knot earlier this year and now wants to buy a home so they can start a family.

Due to Pat’s qualified life event, Pat’s spouse was able to enroll in the OAP HSA 2 Plan, which meant that Pat was effectively able to save even more in the Health Savings Account (HSA) and receive an even greater Company contribution to the account.

But Pat wondered, “Should I be saving in my HSA or 401(k)? And will I have enough cash to buy a home?”

Investing in the future

Thankfully, AXA XL had a resource for Pat: Bank of America’s BetterMoneyHabits.com website. After visiting the website, Pat learned about all the important considerations for buying a home, including thinking about how much they can afford and questions to ask a mortgage lender.

Now that Pat has a fuller view of their financial reality and aspirations, Pat is maximizing on 401(k) and HSA contributions, and ready to buy their dream home.


Meet Lee

Looking back: quick recap

As you may recall, last year Lee learned about value-based care offered through Cigna Collaborative Care. Lee’s son Brian now has access to a team focused on providing quality, cost-effective care for ASD, and additional benefits through Cigna, like speech therapy.

In addition, Lee has been taking full advantage of in-network care, including well-person and well-child exams – covered at no cost, and uses the Health Savings Account (HSA) to cover any visits that aren’t considered preventive care.

Looking ahead: focus on financial health

At last, Lee is starting to feel like things are under control, thanks in large part to the great treatment Brian is getting through Cigna Collaborative Care. Since Lee’s family’s physical and emotional needs are set, Lee is looking for ways to improve their financial health.

Better Budgeting Strategy

Earlier this year, Lee watched the Employee Assistance Program wellness webcast on budgeting and felt inspired to make a plan and stick to it. Lee visited Merrill's Benefits OnLine Education Center and received valuable tips on creating a budget. While on the website, Lee watched the “How to set a budget and stick to it” video.

Now, Lee’s well-being is complete, thriving in all aspects of it.


Meet Sydney

Looking back: quick recap

As you may recall, last year Sydney experienced chronic back pain and contacted Health Advocate to learn more about treatment options for this condition. Health Advocate recommended a Center of Excellence (COE) for treatment. Sydney attended several appointments at a COE near home, and the treatment helped relieve the pain.

Since treatment, Sydney’s been sticking to a well-being plan and participating in a range of healthy activities through the Staying Well Program.

Looking ahead: focus on financial health

Due to the physical health problems experienced last year, Sydney decided to enroll in hospital care insurance during the Annual Benefits Enrollment period for an additional layer of financial protection. And it’s a good thing Sydney did: shortly after the plan year began, Sydney was hospitalized for 14 days.

Optimizing income protection benefits

From the hospital care insurance, Sydney received a lump-sum benefit of more than $2,000 that could be used on anything, including groceries and mortgage payments. Since Sydney was out of work for more than seven days, Sydney also received Short-term Disability benefits, provided at no cost to Sydney by AXA XL.

Thanks to all the financial protection benefits offered by the Company, Sydney’s financial health was in good shape, rather than in a state of disrepair.

Seeking additional help

To help transition back to work, Sydney called the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and took advantage of the five free counseling sessions available to colleagues. Now Sydney is thriving in all aspects of well-being.


Meet Jo

Looking back: quick recap

As you may recall, last year Jo learned about the Teladoc Expert Medical Opinion Services when considering knee surgery. Jo called Teladoc Expert Medical Opinion Services, and they gave Jo more information about the procedure the doctor recommended. Teladoc Expert Medical Opinion Services also helped Jo identify a different orthopedist at a Center of Excellence (COE) who specializes in knee surgery.

Since Jo’s knee has been on the mend since surgery, Jo has been committed to getting the most out of the AXA XL medical plan and making the most of the Staying Well Program. Jo even earned a $100 reward for using the COE.

Looking ahead: focus on financial health

During Annual Benefits Enrollment, Jo took a hard look at medical needs. As a result of a careful examination, Jo decided to enroll in the OAP HSA 1 Plan.

Optimizing the Health Savings Account for retirement

Jo made the switch because of the opportunity to save in the Health Savings Account (HSA). In addition, because Jo is over the age of 55, Jo was able to save an additional $1,000 in catch-up contributions.

Looking ahead to transitioning to retiree income, Jo went to Merrill's Benefits OnLine and read the “Making the most of your HSA” article to understand how to optimize both the 401(k) and HSA for future expenses during retirement.