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Last updated date: 5/23/2024


AXA XL offers you basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance to supplement your life insurance benefit — at no additional cost to you. AD&D insurance provides additional support to your family should you pass away, or if you are seriously injured in an accident.

Learn about the differences between our basic and supplemental plans in this section.

Support is available

Quantum Health is on-hand to assist with any questions or claims processing help. Reach out to a Care Navigator at 844-460-2821 or axaxl-quantum.com to get prompt one-on-one support.

Basic and Supplemental AD&D Insurance

AXA XL offers basic AD&D insurance at no cost to you and supplemental AD&D insurance if you want to pay for additional coverage.

Basic AD&D insurance

Eligible colleagues are covered at three times their annual base salary, up to a maximum of $750,000.

Supplemental AD&D insurance

You have the option to purchase additional coverage of one to five times your annual base salary, up to a maximum of $750,000.

Dependent AD&D insurance

Dependent AD&D can cover your spouse/domestic partner and/or your dependent children. To elect Dependent AD&D insurance, you must elect at least 1x your annual base salary in Supplemental AD&D for yourself.

  • You may elect spouse AD&D insurance in $10,000 increments up to $100,000 maximum.
  • You may elect child AD&D insurance in increments of $2,500 up to $10,000 maximum.
  • Evidence of insurability is not required for dependent AD&D coverage.

Note: There are no age reductions on Supplemental and Dependent AD&D benefits.