The pandemic has changed our everyday lives in many ways, including how we think about our finances. Take the time now to review your financial health and determine what your next steps are for strengthening it. When assessing your current financial status, consider reviewing the following aspects:

  • Budgeting and household spending
  • Saving for big purchases or life events, like college
  • Managing your debt
  • Planning for retirement
  • Emergency savings, and more!

AXA XL provides a range of resources to help you in assessing and improving your financial well-being. Read on to learn more.

Put your financial literacy to the test

Learn about financial literacy and develop habits that can help you better manage your finances. Resources are available to help you take action today:

  • Complete Merrill’s free Financial Wellness Tracker to get a pulse on your current financial health. It’s important to understand where you are now, so that you can better plan your next steps.
  • Join the webinar “Plan for the Retirement You Want” hosted by Merrill on April 22, 2021 at 12 p.m. ET; register in advance.
  • Access the Merrill Education Center for a library of quick, accessible articles and videos on different topics relating to managing your money.
  • Learn and develop Better Money Habits so you can take control and prepare for the future. You can receive personalized solutions based on your current situation and priorities, including strategies for saving and spending.
  • Connect with a Merrill financial specialist. You can get financial advice on things like how to reduce debt, budget household expenses, or save for a large purchase by calling a specialist at 877-654-2427, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.
  • Speak with a counselor from the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to discuss financial issues that may be causing you stress.

See the ways you can save

One of the most impactful things you can do to become financially healthy is to make smart savings decisions.

Review your 401(k) Employee Savings Plan contributions

If you haven't been contributing enough to receive AXA XL’s maximum matching contribution, you’re leaving free money on the table! AXA XL matches 200% of your pre-tax and/or Roth 401(k) contributions combined, up to 5% of your eligible compensation. To review your contributions, log in at

Discover the benefits of a Health Savings Account

If you’ve elected the OAP HSA 1 or OAP HSA 2 plans for your medical coverage, you’ve got a tax-advantaged account at your disposal. The HSA is a special bank account you own that allows you to save pre-tax dollars to help pay for current and future health care expenses.

Learn about refinancing your student loans with CommonBond

Refinancing your student loans can be a smart strategy to help you meet your financial goals. With CommonBond, you may be able to secure a lower student loan interest rate, reduce monthly payments, or renegotiate the terms of your debt.

Get more out of life — at a discount

Stretch your paycheck with exclusive discounts at popular retailers and service providers, including mobile discounts through Verizon and AT&T, home & auto discounts and more. See some of the additional benefits and savings available to you.