Have you put off receiving care during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, you’re not alone. According to preliminary research, approximately 40% of people in the United States delayed or avoided routine preventive care services last year due to COVID-19.

National Census surveys from recent weeks show that 25% of adults are still reporting not receiving needed medical care.

Don’t be a statistic: Your health is important. Schedule your annual physical today so you can prepare for a healthier tomorrow. Read on to see how AXA XL can help you get the preventive care you need.

What is preventive care, and why do I need it?

Preventive care can help you and your doctor get a good picture of your current health status, and more importantly, detect and address potential health problems early, which also helps to save time, money, and stress.

Preventive care services include:

  • Annual well-person exams
  • Age-appropriate health screenings, such as mammograms and prostate screenings
  • Immunizations, like the COVID-19 or flu vaccination
  • Behavioral health counseling
  • Preventive dental and vision exams

See how AXA XL supports you

Practice preventive care

At AXA XL, you have access to affordable preventive care. If you’re enrolled in an AXA XL medical and/or dental plan and use an in-network provider, in most cases you pay nothing for preventive care services. For example, getting your annual check-up is free! If you’re enrolled in the AXA XL vision plan, you pay just $10 for an annual vision exam.

Use the following resources to find in-network care:

To find... Visit...
A primary care provider or specialist Find a provider
A dentist Find a dentist
An eye doctor Find an eye doctor

Take advantage of virtual wellness screenings

If you have a busy schedule or would like to minimize the amount of time you spend at a doctor’s office, Cigna’s virtual wellness screening through MDLIVE is a great option for you. The virtual wellness screening is available at no cost to anyone enrolled in an AXA XL medical plan.

Simply make your appointment online and go for a quick visit to a lab for your blood work and biometrics! The rest can be completed online and via video or phone, making it a convenient way to get preventive care anytime, anywhere. Learn more or get started with your virtual wellness screening today by visiting myCigna.com, locating the “Talk to a doctor or nurse 24/7” callout, and selecting the Preventive Care option.

Put your physical health first and get rewarded

Getting preventive care and managing your overall well-being can yield many health – and financial – benefits. Through the Staying Well at AXA XL Program powered by Cigna’s MotivateMe, you can complete the following preventive care activities for awards:

  • Annual physical
  • Annual OB/GYN exam
  • Mammogram
  • Colon cancer screening
  • Cervical cancer screening

Visit MotivateMe to see the complete list of activities! Note: You can participate in the Staying Well Program through Cigna’s MotivateMe, whether or not you are enrolled in an AXA XL medical plan. If your spouse or domestic partner is enrolled in an AXA XL medical plan, they can participate too!

Learn more or visit myCigna.com and select “Wellness” to start earning rewards today.

Safety first: How you can prepare to see your doctor during the COVID-19 pandemic

If you’re concerned about your safety, take the following tips to heart:

  • Before making an appointment, contact your doctor’s office to see what protocols they have in place to keep patients safe. Most, if not all, providers have put practices into place that will help keep you and others at the office safe and protected.
  • On the day of your appointment, see how you’re feeling. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath) make sure to call and let the clinic know – you may be given specific instructions.
  • At the doctor’s office, keep standard precautions in mind. Make sure to practice social distancing, wear your mask, avoid touching your face, and sanitize your hands when you come into contact with objects.

Learn more here.